About Us:, which was established on July 31, 2010, is focused primarily on offering online football betting products and services to the African market. Our philosophy is to grow our business through seeking to deliver to our customers the best overall experience in the bookmaking market. We seek to remain ingenious and proudly African and not just a copy-cat of a foreign website.




Why Choose



Our policy is to always offer you the most competitive odds for every event. That means you are sure to win more if you place your bets with Saharabet bookmakers. If there is any African bookmaker offering higher odds across board for any event, call us and we will surpass or match the odds.


Saharabet welcomes her new members with a welcome bonus of up to 1000 naira for a  free bet. In addition, members who introduce or refer other users to the website get 10% of the first deposit of the new members while the new member still retains 100% of his deposit plus up to 1000 naira in free bet. These are incentives you will not get elsewhere.


The saharabet website has deliberately been made very simple and uncomplicated. A first-timer to online betting would not find it difficult to understand how to place bets and operate his/her account in saharabet. You will notice that the website may not look very beautiful or fanciful as our aim is to have the most functional and user-friendly betting website. The website has been designed devoid of any unnecessary complication and bearing in mind, the needs of the African users. You will never find a simpler betting website elsewhere.



In, all events are settled within minutes of their conclusion and winning accounts are credited automatically. We have a variety of games to choose from and our Top12Game is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It is the only game where you can still win while not getting all your predictions correctly. is the first and only betting website to offer matches from the Nigerian Premier League. There are also matches from other African countries like Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, etc that you will not find elsewhere. has the fastest payment service for withdrawals in the industry. We make sure that all withdrawal requests are completed within 24 hours and you can even receive your withdrawals in your bank account within minutes. Withdrawals are paid every day, even on weekends and public holidays and no commissions are charged.


Our Customer Services Department is always available for you to help answer your questions and resolve your issues as quickly, politely and efficiently as possible. A dedicated team is available to attend to your correspondence 24/7.



Simple Steps To Using


·         1. Register with us and get a free Saharabet account.

·         2. Fund your Saharabet account by depositing cash or making a transfer into any of our designated bank                       accounts.

·         3. We credit your Saharabet account with the amount deposited.

·         4. Use the amount in your Saharabet account to start betting on your favourite teams.

·         5. Withdraw winnings from your Saharabet account anytime you wish.

·         6. We transfer the withdrawn fund into your provided bank account.



How To Register:


To open a new SaharaBet account, click on Register and fill the form with your correct details.


Use a valid email as a verification code will be sent to your email immediately after registration. Your registration can only be completed after verification of your email.


You are required to provide a Referrer during registration. If you were referred or introduced to the website by someone, fill his/her username in place of Saharabet. If you were not referred by anyone, leave Saharabet as your referrer. When a new member makes a first deposit, the referrer will be given a bonus of 10% of the amount by saharabet bookmakers. Please, note that the bonus will not be deducted from the fund of the new member. 


You are required to confirm that you are not below the age of 18 years and have read and accepted all the rules and regulations of Saharabet. After registration, a verification mail from saharbet will be sent to your email address. Please, make sure you use your correct email address and correct names when registering a new account. Check your email for the verification mail and click on the link to activate your account. In the unlikely event that you do not receive the verification mail, send a mail to from the registered email and your account will be activated by admin.


After activation of your new account, log in to your account area using your registered username and password.



How to Fund Your Account:


To start betting and claim your bonus, you have to fund your saharabet account. To add money to your account, log in to your account and click on Add Funds.  There, you can view our bank account details. Choose the one that is most convenient to you and make a deposit or transfer. Please, take note of the minimum and maximum limit stipulated there. After making your payment, come back to this page and fill your payment details and submit. Your saharabet account will be credited with the amount of your payment immediately your payment is confirmed.



How To Fund Your Account 24/7 Via ATM Fund Transfer:


1. Insert your ATM card into any bank ATM machine and input your PIN


2. Select Send Money


3. Select Destination Bank 


4. Select Funding Account Type (i.e your account type savings or current)


5. Select Receiving Account Type (i.e our account type. All are current accounts except that of UBA.)


6. Enter our account number and the amount you wish to fund.


7. Confirm transaction details and proceed.


After transfer, come to the website and click on Add Funds to send your funding request. In depositor name, please fill the bank ATM machine you used and the location e.g. Skye Bank ATM transfer, Ikotun, Lagos. For teller number, you can fill the bank account number of the ATM card you used.



Note that you can also fund your account instantly by using your ATM Debit or Credit Card in the website. You do not need to send a funding request as your account will be funded automatically once your transaction is successful. Click on Add Funds to learn how to fund your account instantly by yourself.






How to make Withdrawals:


Before you can make withdrawals from your saharabet account to your bank account, you must first add your bank account to your profile. You can do this by clicking on My Bank Accounts. Here, you add the bank account you intend to use for withdrawal. You can add as many bank accounts as you want but please note that the bank account names should correspond to your profile name. This is why you must use your real names in registration.


To withdraw money from your saharabet account to your bank account, click on Withdraw Funds. Here, you select the bank account you want the withdrawal to be paid into, put the amount and send. Please, take note of the minimum and maximum limit as stipulated there, and that you can only make one withdrawal per week. If your withdrawal is approved, you will receive the payment in your bank account within a maximum time of 24 hours. If it is rejected, the amount will be returned back to your saharabet account. You will always get notification in your email to notify you if your withdrawal has been approved, rejected or paid.

Click on Single Bet to view available matches and place single bets.

Click on Top 12 Game to view available batches and play the Top 12 Game.

·         Bet History

Click on Combined Bet to view records of your placed combined bets and their status.

Click on Special Events to view records of your placed special events bets and their status.

·         Profile

Click on My Bank Accounts to add your bank account details which you will use to make withdrawals. You can also delete an account here and add as many bank accounts as you want but we advise that all bank account names should correspond with member’s profile name.

Click on Add Funds to view our bank accounts details and how to fund your saharabet account. Return to this page to fill the form after making a deposit or transfer.

Click on Transaction History to view a history of all debit and credit activities that take place in your saharabet account.

Click on Funding Requests to view the status of your funding requests.

Click on Withdrawal Requests to view the status of your withdrawal requests. When the status is paid, it means the withdrawn fund is now in your provided bank account.

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